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The XOR game is a mathematical strategy game played between two players on a grid-based board. It's also known as Nim, a classic game with deep roots in mathematical theory and strategy. The game starts with a set of heaps, represented by rows of tokens or stones. Players take turns removing tokens from one or more heaps according to specific rules.

In the XOR game, players can take any number of tokens from a single heap per turn. The twist lies in the option to remove tokens from multiple heaps in a way that alters the game's mathematical state. The winner is the player who makes the last move, removing the last token from the board.

The strategic depth of the XOR game emerges from its mathematical properties, particularly its relationship to binary numbers and exclusive OR (XOR) operations. Players employ tactics to manipulate the binary representation of the heap sizes, aiming to force their opponent into a losing position.

XOR game variants exist with different board configurations, token arrangements, and rule sets, offering varying levels of complexity and challenge. The XOR game provides not only an engaging and intellectually stimulating experience but also insight into fundamental concepts of combinatorial game theory and computational thinking.


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