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Slices: Shapes Puzzle Game is a silliness and relaxing game where you want to use reasoning to communicate all of the cuts of different natural items, pizzas, cakes, pictures, and shapes and that's just the beginning!

You are furnished with void circles separated into a few sections. They need to cut pieces of various things, pictures, and shapes to gather a complete picture. At the point when you partner all of the cuts together, the circles are conveyed and you get engaged and go to a more significant level. Coordinate the cuts with each other and be careful, on the off chance that not you ought to start the level all again.

You can fight with an opponent to step up your capacities and cultivate predictable thinking. You can in like manner partake in a mode where you will assemble pictures associated with different countries, and track down new ones while going all around the planet!

As you progress through the levels, the riddles become more perplexing and testing, expecting you to utilize your critical thinking abilities and vital reasoning to succeed. However, relax - our game is intended to be fun and draw in, with brilliant designs and natural ongoing interaction that will keep you snared.



Whether you're searching for a speedy break during your drive or a method for loosening up following a difficult day, our riddle game is the ideal decision. With its essential propensity-shaping intelligence, you'll end up getting back to it unendingly time again.

Slices: Shapes Puzzle Game is a game wherein you can unwind, siphon up your reasoning and rationale, and have some good times gathering cuts of new vivid pictures. Start matching the cut pieces of pictures in this propensity-framing puzzle game as of now!

Cuts include various levels and modes to keep players engaged, including a difficult unending mode for those looking for a trial of expertise and perseverance. With its habit-forming ongoing interaction and interminable replay esteem, Cuts makes certain to turn into a number one among puzzle devotees and relaxed gamers the same. Download now and slice your course to win!

Slices Game

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